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A Labor of Love: The Art of Traditional Stocks and Sauces at Pharmacy Kitchen and Bar

As a chef and restaurant ownerI have always been passionate about crafting exceptional dishes that delight the palates of our guests. This dedication to culinary excellence is why our restaurant makes use of traditional techniques to create our own stocks and sauces – the heart and soul of many dishes. In this article, I'll share our journey and commitment to the art of stocks and sauces, and how this time-honored approach elevates the dining experience at our establishment.

The Bedrock: Stocks

In the world of gastronomy, stocks are often considered the unsung heroes that provide a solid foundation for many dishes. At Pharmacy Kitchen and Bar, we understand the importance of crafting stocks from scratch, and we invest time and effort into creating a product that imparts depth, richness, and flavor to our dishes.

The process begins with selecting only the finest quality bones, vegetables, and aromatics. Depending on the type of stock we're preparing, our kitchen may utilize chicken, beef, or fish bones, along with a selection of vegetables such as onions, carrots, and celery. These ingredients are then gently simmered for hours, allowing every ounce of flavor and nutrition to be extracted.

An essential step in our stock-making process is the traditional French technique of roasting the bones before simmering. This imparts a deep, caramelized flavor and a rich color to the final product. Throughout the simmering process, our chefs meticulously skim off impurities to ensure a clear, clean-tasting stock.

The Quintessence: Sauces

In French cuisine, sauces are the crowning glory that elevate dishes to new heights. At Pharmacy Kitchen and Bar, we take pride in our extensive selection of traditional and contemporary French sauces, each crafted with precision and skill.

Once our stock is made it's followed by a careful reduction process that concentrates the flavors and thickens the sauce to the perfect consistency. Each sauce is then seasoned and finished with additional ingredients, such as fresh herbs, wine, and cream, to create a harmonious blend of flavors that complements and enhances the dishes they accompany.


At Pharmacy Kitchen and Bar, our commitment to using traditional techniques in the preparation of stocks and sauces reflects our dedication to culinary craftsmanship. This labor-intensive process, combined with our insistence on using fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensures that every dish we serve is infused with the rich, deep flavors that make the difference It is this attention to detail and passion for the craft that sets our restaurant apart, offering our guests a memorable and unparalleled dining experience.

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